In such an evaluation system, each competency constitutes and expected performance target and each cluster of competencies lends itself to unit testing and formative evaluation. Children in a school, India. We can make efforts to ensure educational attainment. Universalisation of elimentary education means universal access,enrolement,retention,and qualitative education up to the age of Such a system is counter-productive as it completely ignores the nature and the needs of pupils. L strategy helps us to achieve-Universal attainment. The success of anti-poverty strategy is reflected in decline in combined poverty ratio from

This expansion has definitely helped in making primary level education more accessible to a larger section of the population. Art retardation, undue acceleration or abnormal deviation in these areas would ineviatably influence normal emotional development resulting in frustrations, conflicts and imbalance in behaviour. Universalization of elementary education is the goal of the education system. Intellectual development is also referred to as cognitive development, which is a vital aspect of education. The success of anti-poverty strategy is reflected in decline in combined poverty ratio from These cut across and continually proceed through the various stages of development such as infancy, childhood, adolescence and adulthood. It enables the parents to send their children to school.

Essay on universalization of elementary education – Google Docs

Both maturation and learning are involved in skill acquisition. National Policy of Education, – “It shall be ensured that free and compulsory education of satisfactory quality is provided to all children up to 14 years of age before we enter the twenty universalisatiin century”.

Universalusation order to meet this problem of new buildings along with the existing schools in private houses, temples, verandah of rich persons, residence of teachers etc. Learning by work should replace univesralisation emphasis on monotonous bookish knowledge. Teaching-Learning strategy is yet another aspect that we should facus upon.


Only fourteen per cent of the population was literate and only one child out of three had been enrolled in primary school. That would eventually enable them to understand their world and prepare them to function in it as literate, socially useful and contributing adults. As a Teacher what one can do?

The progress of expansion of primary education gets slow because of the indifference and incapability of these institutions.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

At primary level, Dadra and Nagar Haveli registers highest percentage One can learn without a book! L as stated earlier are primarily to improve the quality of primary education.

Leave a Comment Cancel reply Enter your comment here Employment in this sector has been declining. Eucation a child leaves or withdraws himself from school before completion, it leads to wastage in education which creates another serious problem for achievement of target.

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Learn more with Brainly! Jharkhand is also among the poorest states where more than 40 per cent of people live below poverty line Fig. The hilly and impassable jungle areas with very poor communication and transport facilities fail to attract the present day luxury-loving young men. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours The curriculum rlementary primary schools is narrow and unsuitable to the universlisation needs.

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Havighurst has listed the following developmental tasks for middle childhood. It is necessary that the Government of India should take upon itself the sacred work of universal enrolment and universal retention at the Elementary stage. Income of the local institutions responsible for primary education is so much limited that they are totally incapable of elemdntary the expenditure of compulsory education.


essay on universalisation of elementary education

Such a system is counter-productive as it completely ignores the nature and the needs of pupils. The condition of Scheduled areas is still more miserable.

This would permit the construction of criterion-referenced tests by the teachers. Strengthening alternative channels of schooling such as the non-formal education system for those who cannot avail of conventional full-time schooling. Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra and Karnataka also succeeded in significantly reducing the incidence of poverty.

Essay on universalisation of elementary education – Google Docs

In spite of the decline over the years, dropout rate still remains very high, especially in the case of girl students, for whom the rates in were Click to learn more https: UEE has four major components, i. Developing competencies in a child does not universalisatiom uniform standardised teaching learning materials.

essay on universalisation of elementary education

The curriculum should be interesting for the children for its continuance. Children in a school, India. The aims of M.