You are expected to be able to present a clear and concise minute summary of your research for your audience so that they are able to get a snapshot of your endeavors. Click on each level of distinction below to reveal requirements for that level. The sequence rapidly introduces students to the rigorous and abstract thought processes of higher mathematics. Register for MCB , in their final semester, for 3 credit hours or more. The site contains a list of research opportunities, journals that accept undergraduate journal articles, information about the campus Undergraduate Research Symposium and much more. Letters may be mailed via campus mail, or emailed directly from the referee to Dr.

Students currently receiving financial aid or other scholarships should be sure to check with a financial aid officer to understand how accepting a fellowship might affect other awards. Eligibility Requirements for Dawn M. Have it signed by the faculty researcher with whom you will be working and bring to room Burrill Hall prior to the deadline to add a UG POT 1 course for processing. MCB students are not assigned an advisor. However, we will also hold an application period each fall semester so first semester sophomores and beyond should still consider applying.

senior thesis mcb uiuc

If you intend to submit a senior thesis for high or highest distinction consideration, be sure mbc confirm that your P. H grades are not used in major GPA calculations. Knox, Coordinator of Undergraduate Instruction and Advising. If you continue research in future semesters be sure to renew your credit using the appropriate form found above by the appropriate deadlines.

MCB Undergraduate Instructional Program | University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Students must download the Letter of Recommendation Formfill in the top portion sign and submit to their referee. Eligibility Requirements for Dawn M. He ended up completing his degree in biological sciences, with a focus on marine invasive species.


The MCB Honors program offers outstanding seniors the opportunity for recognition of their research through thezis and a thesis.

senior thesis mcb uiuc

MCB is dedicated to increasing the participation of underrepresented populations in research and actively encourages applications from these groups. During a 16 week semester, one credit hour of MCB is earned for each 5 hours per week spent in the lab.

MCB 492: Senior Thesis

All of our appointments can be scheduled by callingor stopping by the Advising Office in Burrill Hall. This form must accompany their letter of Recommendation. The poster must be submitted as a PDF. Other eligibility criteria include completion of at least 14 hours of course work in which traditional letter grades are earned i.

You may also wish to look at faculty in other departments or programs across campus e. Note, completion of the above criteria does not guarantee that you will earn high distinction. All documents excluding the P. If you do not receive an email confirmation, then your submission did not go through and you should try again. They are available on a walk-in basis in room Burrill during each registration period. Research Interests Plant response to global environmental changes increased ultraviolet-B radiation, elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations, ozone pollution, and cold stress Increasing academic success of at-risk students.

Note the thesis must be submitted in PDF format. These individuals are coordinators in the MCB Instructional Program, so they are well versed in courses and curricula, and we are thrilled to have their help as needed. When is it ok to work in lab?

Student, Department of Biochemistry Lauren attended the State University of New York at Buffalo where she worked on the dysregulation of iron metabolism in neurodegenerative disease under Prof. To be eligible for graduation with Academic Distinction a student must: Also note that completion of one year of general chemistry Chem and is a prerequisite and one semester or concurrent enrollment in organic chemistry is strongly encouraged for students enrolling in MCB Applications from other students may be considered on a case-by-case basis please consult the Honors Coordinator for more information.


Distinction for Excellence in Research: Poster, thesis and letter, for High or Highest consideration, due July 12,5pm. One email denior week is reasonable.

Inspire students and faculty to collaborate on research projects driven by mutual interests by fostering a research mentoring environment that encourages and rewards collaboration, Disseminate best practices and models for undergraduate research to campus stakeholders, Assist in the development and evaluation of curricular and co-curricular structures that support undergraduate research, Encourage the creation of new opportunities for undergraduate research on campus, Coordinate and nurture undergraduate research efforts seinor academic units on campus, and Serve as a primary conduit for archiving and enhancing the awareness of undergraduate research efforts among campus stakeholders and external audiences.

Jack Ikeda jikeda illinois. How will your grade be assessed? Please pay close attention to deadlines as they are strictly enforced. Note, completion of the above criteria does not guarantee that you will earn highest distinction.

senior thesis mcb uiuc

What should you do if you decide this experience is not working out?