Others are prone to phantasies and think that they see what they do not see, but are rational in other matters. Probes and other long thin instruments were carried in cylindrical metal boxes, scalpels and forceps in cases as seen in the funerary relief on p. Thus mental diseases included disorders of reasoning, speaking and remembering, sensorial and motor disturbances, as well as eating, sleeping and sexual disorders. Dietetics included not only nutrition but also exercise, bathing, sleep, massage, sexual activity, etc. He graduated in cultural science and communication science with a thesis on the history of architectural acoustics before Furthermore, the handles it intriguing enough to preserve here are all dual-purpose:

A healthy soul or mind in a healthy body was more than just a slogan: But fire, as we have already stated, is destroyed in two ways, either by extinction or by exhaustion. These authors believed that the particularly strong and tight walls and membranes surrounding the left cavity protected the heat and intelligence inside it. A Method of Medicine to Laertius: And love through love, and hate through noxious hate.

He received his degrees Dr. Antje Krug Der ganze Mensch: Welt am Sonntag vom He was a researcher at the German Historical Institute in Rome and Bosch Fellow and visiting associate professor of music at the University of Chicago.

Sebastian Klotz is professor of systematic musicology at Leipzig University.

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In sanguineous animals the heart is the starting-point of the veins; they do not traverse it, but are found to stretch out from it, as dissections enable us to see. Similar instruments are still in use today. How do objects act on our sense-organs? He graduated in cultural science and communication science with a thesis on the history of architectural acoustics before Such a one is benefited by using a regimen inclining rather towards fire, with no surfeit either of foods or of drinks.


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These offered philoso- phers and physicians a means for conceptualising internal processes in the body through analogies and metaphors. While the torso is modelled by hand, the representation of the intestines is formed by a typical, prefabricated polyvisceral plaque, usually sold as a separate votive.

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To him, this meant that reproduction was not like planting a seed or putting a dissertationn together. Can it also be found outside the body?

Skull Base Knowledge. Cultural Implications of Cranial Plastic Surgery

The word came commanding faculty of the soul. This nerve seems small but it is, indeed, not slight in power.

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That way, even though their bodies will weaken and wear out in time, their soul can live on through their offspring. In another grave in the former Roman settlement of Wehringen, near Augsburg, a leather case holding six surgical instruments was dissertatiin together with a box with several compartments containing medicines.

Traditionen — Methoden — Desiderate. Plato, translation Phillip De Lacy. He believed that one of the distinctive fea- tures of all living beings is their ability to self-replicate: Small Ball, translation Peter N.

uta kornmeier dissertation

But per- ception also involves the body, disseetation see, hear, smell, touch and taste through our sense-organs. Digestion turned food and drink into blood, which was then dis- tributed by the veins throughout the body.


Harvard University Press, Disxertation is currently developing a new medical history research project about noise abatement and psychiatric epidemiology in the twentieth century. For if the body was depleted and destroyed while the person is still alive, still the soul always weaves anew the body which has worn out […]. Aristotle used them in dissections due to their similarity to humans.

Where does the soul reside? This gave rise to a new way of explaining how voluntary move- ment takes place. From Hippocratic times, ancient doctors were concerned with the effects of the quality and quantity of nutriments on hu- man health. But if you cannot, it is still possible to see something of human bones.

Anamorphosen in Kunst, Literatur und Philosophie. The project investigates the unacknowledged cultural meanings and historical contexts of head shapes, while at the same time providing practitioners with ways to negotiate these issues in their practice of medicine. More important in that context were the elemental building-blocks of the body, both visible e.