This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. I also felt like many of the interview questions were asked in a negative way to trick people into saying something bad about themselves. See Our Latest Jobs. A recruiter contacted me through LinkedIn, shortly after responding we set up an informative phone call, next I had an in-person interview where I spoke with 1 person over Skype in the NYC, NY office and 2 people in person in the Scottsdale, AZ office for which I was applying. I had a phone interview with a recruiter from New York.

View All num of num Close Esc. I have a lot of customer service experience – I worked at a top customer-oriented clothing company that is recognized for its customer service, and he made me feel like I was useless. Interview Questions If it came down to choosing between two identical companies to work for, what would be the deciding factor? Not a fan the person I spoke to did not look professional. This will replace the current featured interview for this targeted profile. I interviewed during lunch time and was put in a tiny room next to the cafeteria which was very loud and distracting. We know how to have fun and trust us, we have a lot of it , but we regularly interface with C-level executives, investors and VIPs so you should be buttoned up and the definition of grace under pressure.

They contacted me via email a few days later saying I didn’t get the job. One of them mistook my volunteer experience for work experience meanwhile it stated clearly that I was a volunteer. One of those people was over Skype which I felt didn’t give me the best chance to make an impression. Application I applied online. From preparing speakers for our weekly meetings to ozcdoc content for our intranet, youll help us keep the entire company up-to-date with content, announcements, and news.


The process took 3 days.

Zocdoc Data Operations Researcher Interview Questions

He was disengaged, and an absolute tool. This is where it went down hill for me. It’s simple to set up. While I spoke he was clicking away on another computer I assume.

Presentation development and coaching experience a major plus, but not required. The next day I got an automated email saying I did not get the job. There was leftover food and wrappers left in the room, and the first interviewer didn’t even acknowledge the disgusting trash. Flag this Item Cancel. They will regret it when their competition is public.

Interview Asked to come for a face to face interview after applying online within 2 days. You should effortlessly make complex ideas simple and engaging and create narratives that arent easily forgotten. View Jobs at Zocdoc.

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I told the recruiter that this was fine and confirmed a time. I felt that I connected well with both of them. Application I applied online.

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The interview was a very personable experience, went really well and lasted about 30 minutes. I liked the recruiter I worked with who reached out to me about other opportunities afterwards, but overall I would say the hiring process there is impersonal and unsophisticated.


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While the other was socially awkward and looked like the type who would sit in a corner at a social gathering. After his attempt a few time i gave him false info to shut him up. Interview Questions There is a computer based test given pertaining to research issues related to doctors in the US.

After the interview, I told myself that I would never accept an offer there, even if they extended. He was very awkward and made me feel incapable.

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After they brought 2 other people to interview me one did not make eye contact at all. Asked to come for a face to face interview after zococ online within 2 days.

I didn’t want to make the person feel stupid and went along with it. Upload a resume to easily apply to jobs from anywhere.

They provide a list of questions with incorrect information, you gotta take the hint and search for the correct information from the internet. Zocdoc Operations Associate Interview Questions. He asked certain technical questions about my previous job that I couldn’t disclose due to Non-disclosure agreement I was held by.

Interview The interview process was pretty standard, although I get the idea they interview candidates all day every day and basically read questions from a sheet the whole time vs. I applied through an employee lehter.