As I was doing all these minor jobs, I stated to show more interest in this field. Pieris in were kept here and are probably still here. The longest river is the Nile River. They were rescued by Mr Bavink of the Theological Seminary who brought them to the Church of Vaddukoddai for safekeeping. Suggest us how to improve StudyLib For complaints, use another form. So we did small jobs to run our family.

The Jaffna Catholic Guardian and the Hindu Organ were published by Roman Catholic and Hindu organisation to present their religious interests between and respectively. Little remains of this fort on Kayts, which, in the Portuguese time, together with Hammenhiel Hammenhiel Fort off the island of Karaitivu opposite, once stood guard defending the access to the Jaffna Lagoon. My favourite friend is Lakshika. Did you go back to your village? It seems that Sri Lankans are working on time now!!! She performed thapas prayed daily with arms outspread facing the sea in the hope that Lord Vishnu would appear before her, arise from the ocean and grant her desire.

Ahmadh Riyaz Grade 5 Wesswood Int. I saw that my son had something in his hands.

The Jaffna Catholic Guardian and the Hindu Organ were published by Roman Catholic and Hindu organisation to present their religious interests between and respectively. We have a variety of vegetables at home. Then we went to a temple named Kadurugoda.


Here the Parish Priest serves a small community of fisherman who live in hardship, with no electricity while drinking water is difficult to obtain. A Lady rides a bicycle. There is another friend of mine who lives in Negambo. The next morning we returned home.

my hometown jaffna essay

Locals also refer to it as Poothathamby Valaivu arch and Dr Kunarasa says that it was the headquarters of Poothathamby mudaliyar, a Tamil mudaliyar administratorfrom the Dutch period. Archived from the original on 26 May He said that all Muslims should leave in 2 hours.

my hometown jaffna essay

I had one at Sunnaaham. Then we thought about Anuradhapura. Your e-mail Input it if you want to receive answer. For other uses, see Uaffna disambiguation. Department of Meteorology records up to homteown. Today the Jaffna peninsula is inhabited mainly by the Tamils. The Tamil people lived surrounding the Muslims. Tell us about the special events in the village? The other brother has an Abaya shop. As a consequence the city’s population is significantly lower than it was 30 years ago.

Young Beautiful Jaffna Sri Lanka, She is Still a Virgin

Any foreigner who knows Tamil usually enjoys the way our people speak Tamil. She erected a temple at Maviddapuram to the God Skanda Kumaran. In the same way if they came to our homeown we looked after them. Jaffna and surrounding region was part of the chiefdom of Naga Nadu mentioned in the 5th century AD Tamil epic Manimekalai and the Pali chronicle Mahavamsa as inhabited by tribal Naga peoplesurmised as one of the earliest tribes of Sri Lanka.


The silly jokes, heartfelt happiness, unforgettable trips, Laughing, bugging, consolations, wonderful tricks. The initial Nallur Kovil was constructed in year and some development work done in 13th century The clock tower suffered the damages of the war and during his visit to Sri Lanka inPrince Charles, the current Prince of Wales, was approached to help with its restoration.

They gave lunch and dinner for all the people who came. I come from a poor family.

Young Beautiful Jaffna, She is Still a Virgin

It will be really refreshing. Almost all Hindu temples in Jaffna including the socially important Nallur Kandaswamy temple were reconstructed during the Dutch and British period. It is close to the beach. Other places of interest: I must also mention about the Black July riots.

my hometown jaffna essay