Students are strongly recommended to consider auditing some of the lectures for courses offered at undergraduate level in the Department. In what follows, references to MA Anthropology degrees apply to all seven degree programmes. You will find this challenging, but it can be done in a few hundred words, a few paragraphs, in a range of from about maximum words. First and second-year lectures may be especially useful to any student feeling in need of extra guidance on the topics dealt with in Theoretical Approaches to Social Anthropology during the first term. They will deduct marks or refer dissertations for shortcomings. At the beginning of each year arrangements are made for the election of two student representatives from each of the seven MA Anthropology programmes.

They also post outside their doors times when they are normally available for consultation without an appointment. Submit the coursework as soon as you are able. Ideas of the appropriate style of essay writing differ somewhat accordingly. Most students take two compulsory courses: It is not a substitute for your own independent reading and study. The form will be available from 15 September Examinations Though some courses are assessed solely by coursework, most taught courses culminate in examinations.

The summary which should be deavline to a supervisor is likewise a condensed statement that will contain much if it is carefully crafted. Procedures There is a meeting of the Student-Staff Forum each term. The Forum deaeline reports on decisions made in departmental staff meetings and student representatives are encouraged to report these to the larger student body.

Appendices will not normally be marked and they must not include material essential to the argument developed in the main body of the work.

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It constitutes an essential visual component of most courses in Social Anthropology. Most students will find that half of their degree consists of required elements the core course and the foundation course, Theoretical Approaches to Dissertatkon Anthropologyand the other half of elements that permit greater choice an optional course and a dissertation.


It is usually best to share such difficulties with a concerned member of staff who will be able to advise you, in confidence, on the best way to cope. You should also make sure that the Assistant Registrar Examinations is informed. Contemporary Trends in the Study of Society. The office can supply various information sheets, for example about essay writing and student services. It has an important bearing on questions of accuracy, honesty and ethics, as well as on communications and other generic skills.

Faculty staff will assist student representatives for instance with room bookings in organizing other meetings – whether informal meetings with staff or with other students, year forums, discussions of academic matters or social events. A degree programme consists of four assessed units, made up of a combination of compulsory and optional taught courses and the dissertation in anthropology and sociology or a Multi-media presentation for Anthropology of Media. Seminars The Departmental Seminar sosa on Wednesdays and is a crucial element of the shared intellectual life of staff and postgraduate students.

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Half courses are usually assessed by a separate two-hour examination paper and one coursework essay. Alternative arrangements are made for their teaching and pastoral duties during these periods of essential research activity. Members of staff work to maintain and enhance the international reputation of the quality of education provided in the BA, MA and research degree programmes.

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Similarly, a book being unavailable in the library is not a sufficient reason for an extension. Students are entitled to three substantive supervisions of one hour duration with the allocated supervisor.

There is also a regular PhD Seminar given by students returning from fieldwork.

It seems preferable to give examples of the sorts of writing which many anthropologists consider to be good or exemplary. SOAS students are eligible to use the University Health Service details of how to make appointments can be obtained in the Faculty skas Students Union Officeswhich not only provides medical care, but is also a valuable place to go to for a much broader range of consultations.


Essay requirements for each course are outlined in the course documents.

The Students Union also has a Welfare Service providing advice, information and support. The programme of study over three calendar years will be arranged with one taught element in each year and the dissertation normally in the third year.

soas masters dissertation deadline

If you are unable to meet a coursework deadline and wish to request that the Board of Examiners waive or reduce the penalty, the procedure is as follows: Students are asked to make a formal, anonymous online assessment at the end of each course for which they have registered.

All members of staff have their names on the doors of their personal offices along the corridor on the fifth floor. Invited speakers will present work in progress, much of which should be at the cutting edge of anthropological research. Theory in Anthropologythe second-year core course. The student support section of the Arts and Humanities Faculty Office is a source of advice and guidance. If you feel you need a short period of additional time to complete your dissertation, the normal rules for late submission of coursework apply if you submit by 30 September The Dissertation Title Form, with a working title agreed by the supervisor, must be submitted to the Faculty Office before the end of Term Two.

As a rough guide, you should indicate in the introduction what it is you are setting out to argue or show. The degree programmes may be pursued for one year full-time, or for two or even three years part-time with the exception of MA Anthropological Research Methods which can only be studied full-time or part-time over two years. Submission of coursework is a pre-condition for examination entry.

Ideally the lecture serves as a basis and catalyst for your further reading and research into the subject.