Otherwise you can cancel my membership. Stories Read stories from parents about controls Learn more. What do I need? Can anybody provide answers please! Speed 36Mbps, Unlimited Gift: But you still cant be tracked because of its system but if you want total privacy use the tor browser.

Homework Time — this allows parents to block social networking sites like Facebook and online gaming which are common sources of distraction for school children from their homework. All they accomplish is advertising the dodgy sites. In order to build up a database of good and bad sites TalkTalk need all their customers to browse as many websites as possible. Parents should be able to set their own verbal rules; to have the confidence to state that there is a time for work, rest and play. Does this problem ever get resolved as I have now had enough and will cancel in 2 days after reading this forum.

As of yet no-one at TalkTalk will tell me what virus it homewor found, if it really has found one at all. They have spent 6 days telling me that its fixed but its not. I nomework a passive monitor and my mail server does no layer 7 parsing or virus scanning for the very reason that it can be ohmework and then I find my ISP compulsorarily lowering my networks security for me and for what.

The guy who wrote the article is concerned only with freedom of expression on the internet. I totally agree with all the above but worse than that. They should only be redirecting the traffic of the users that request the system.

If you want to have privicy use the tor browser just stay away from. Does anyone know where I can raise a complaint with TalkTalk regarding talktalj false positive on my website http: This is a problem for all TalkTalk customers whether they use HomeSafe or not: More to explore Here are more resources to help you keep your child safe online.


talktalk homesafe homework

You do not have any choice to stop this happening: Many, but not all, P2P BitTorrent indexes not only contain links to ” illegal ” copyright content but also to pornography and other talktalkk material. Malware creators like new malware ideas too. Leave this anti-spam trap empty. Check the small print.

My fav game was took away from talkyalk homesafe now that really isnt fair. Read the parent’s tech guide. I would advise posting on the TalkTalk Members Forum and hopefully these guys will pick it up, they are pretty quick to get the issue to the correct team where they can resolve them.

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We have to ask what the point of this filtering is. Just joined talktalk because i was told they block all gambling web sites this is totaly untrue it only seems to block the big names like coral and william hill i clicked on betfair and that one still works plus loads more still work im not happy at all as i would have stayed with sky if i knew it didnt block all gambling sites so be warned before you dicide to purchase hommesafe broadband.

Only problem they forgot to tell him why he was coming and he cannot de-activate HomeSafe. HomeSafe, which TalkTalk has told its shareholders should help reduce the homewofk of its customers defecting to rivals, was launched with three main selling points: Google store much more information the what pages you vist and these are not linked to you so are untraceable.


This kind of lockdown is giving children the wrong impression of what is acceptable and what is not. Tech See tech guide for age-appropriate devices Learn more. You should have a cooling off period of a week or two. Most parents I know would rather have some kind of filter than nothing.

talktalk homesafe homework

Should allow adding sites to blacklist and whitelist also. However, the scanning of every TalkTalk users web browsing is turned on and can not be turned off!

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What are you most concerned about or would like more advice hmesafe This week TalkTalk launched their HomeSafe security system. This site uses cookies. Google store much more information the what pages you vist and these are not linked to you so are untraceable also if it was illegal why why the ICO allow them to continue with it?

TalkTalk need to explain how to use homesafe better. Last week I received a letter from TalkTalk along with what has to be homesqfe cheapest, tackiest router I have ever clapped eyes on. In our experience they are afraid to publish their block lists and for child abuse sites I couldn’t agree with them more. Virus alerts The alerts you’ll get warn everyone from opening websites infected with viruses.